Send Links, Maps to Your Android Phone from Computer via Google Chrome

With the new Chrome to Phone extension available on your Google Chrome browser, you can now send links, maps and phone numbers to your Android phone running Froyo in a jiffy just with a click. The extension is a little more useful than it sounds to you right now.

Suppose you are reading an article and have to rush right away in a hurry, how cool would it be to read the rest of that on your phone and what effort would it take? Just a single click.

How about you could do the same with maps? I’d certainly feel cool about it. Say you got an email invite to a party and have a link to the coordinates on Google Maps. Now you have to drive off to the party and would love to have the coordinates on your phone. That would take exactly as long as it takes for you to click.

You will need to have the app both on your computer and phone to do this. Watch the video below for details

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