Many of us have not warmed up to the Windows devices. No matter the ingenuity. Consumers all around the world would still prefer iOS or Android. In order to change that particular scenario, Microsoft was able to release Switch to Windows Phone application to the Google Play Store in order to help you with the transition if at all you are considering leaving your precious Android. We are not certain that it will make people shift to Windows phone, but for those of you who are considering the transition this application will turn out to be a wee bit helpful.

Switch to Windows Phone

This application is available for free to download and install on your Android cellphone and it claims to provide ‘a convenient way to migrate your app experiences over’. That’s what the application says. All you need to do is install this application on your android smart phone and leave the rest to the app. What it does is that it will scan all the downloaded applications on your device and compare them with the Windows Phone Marketplace based on compatibility and availability. It will help you find which of your favorite applications will still be available to you once you move over to Windows. Moreover, you can save all of these results and say you have moved on to a Windows Phone device and ditched your Android. You will then be able to download a similar application from the Windows Phone Marketplace and have it retrieve the data you save and it will automatically download all the applications that match with your previous Android device allowing you to save the trouble of manually downloading each application one by one. Where it may be quite useful to a few, it is not very practical for example, it will not tell you exactly what applications are available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, it will only give you a percentage of the match so let’s say that it matched 50% of your applications. That’s all the information you get. Another problem might be the availability of certain applications in your region, where Android might not have a problem, and the app might be available at the Marketplace, you might still not be able to install it because of regional issues.

It is a bold move, and could turn out to be a better app considering they put in more effort developing it. This app is only useful to those who are actively considering changing the device and not for people who are loyal to Android. Install it and let us know what you think.

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