A touch screen phone without a keyboard is basically the most useless thing you will ever see. It is the most important part of communication without which the entire process is fairly impossible. That is the reason why so many applications are developed in order to help ease the process. How efficient you are with your keyboard on your cellphone will determine exactly how productive you can be (so to speak). There are several e-mails that you have to reply to, chatting on Whatsapp, looking for contacts, looking for songs, browsing the web and even simple searches will require a keyboard (Google voice is actually some help here) which is why it is essential to have the smartest keyboard.


Swype is one such keyboard which is available on the Google Play Store for a mere 65 pence. Over the past few users, Swiftkey has pretty much dominated the market when it comes to fantastic and aesthetically pleasing keyboards and of course there are stock keyboards that are pretty nice as well such as, the stock keyboards on HTC One, One X etc., and android 4.2. All of these keyboards do justice to your fingers and the whole idea of typing. Swype has been quite popular although of course the only problem was that it was available on the OVI store and was released as a stock application for Galaxy S II but it was never available as an application you could download and install anywhere you wanted. Well, that has changed now. Trace and dictation are one of the primary features offered by Swype along with tapping and handwriting recognition. There is a nice new feature called the Smart Editor. Swype also learns as you use it which allows to have a better chance and predicting what you are about to say. If something goes wrong all you need to do is tap on the word and you can instantly fix it. The language engine can actually tap into your social networks and e-mail clients such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail and learn how you type expanding its own dictionary. There is host of shortcuts added so you can change languages, launch Google Maps etc.

The keyboard itself is nicely spaced and even if you are tapping the letters, it is easy to type. It might be an old keyboard but to have a taste of it in its full glory on Android, 65p is not that much to spend. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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