Download/Run Live Android 0.2 for Desktops, Netbooks (Live CD/USB)

Google has recently released a computer version of android, which can be used in desktops, netbooks and laptops. All you need to do is download the ISO image, mount it on a CD and boot your system with that CD. No installations required, run it live like a portable application.

Proceed in the following way:

  • Download ISO via official torrent or download ISO in parts: Part I & Part II.
  • Since the ISO is broken in to parts, you will have to re-join it by HJSplit.
  • After re-joining burn a CD using any burning software like Nero.
  • Simply re-boot your system now with that CD, make sure you to have CD ROM listed in booting preferences at BIOS.
  • Google says Live Android 0.2 doesn’t have live USB support and will be introduced in Live Android 0.3. However, you may try creating live USB by Live USB Creater shared by Sizzledcore. You can also use UNetBootin, a portable app for creating live USBs.

Instead of downloading each tool separately, You can simply download Live Android 0.2 Kit which includes:

  • Live Android 0.2
  • Portable version of Infra-Recorder to burn ISO in CDs and DVDs.
  • Portable version of VirtualBox to test Live Android.
  • Portable version of UNetBootin to create live USB of Android 0.2.
  • Read me files with links to on going projects in various languages.

If you need any kind of help, please feel free to leave comments.

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