There Will be No Jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2 Says Dev Team

For all those who have been waiting for jailbreak to come up for 4.0.2, it’s not coming. The only reason why iOS 4.0.2 was built at first place was to patch up the PDF exploit to fix jailbreak and other potential security issues. With 4.1 in beta stage it makes no sense for the dev […]

Google Introduces Google Voice in Gmail

Google has just announced today the Google Voice facility straight from your Gmail which would be rolled in upcoming days. This service will let you call on phones of your friends. All you would require is this plugin Watch the video below straight from Google to understand the service From Google’s Official blog Calls to […]

Buy Samsung Captivate for 1 Cent Through Amazon Contract

If you are an Android user on AT&T, your best bet is to buy a Samsung Captivate. And wouldn’t it be even better if you get that for 1 cent? Amazon is offering a $199.99 discount on the Samsung Captivate handset on a contract which can be read below When you purchase your device with […]

Guy Officially Changes His Name to “HostGator” for Ad. Campaign

These days, companies just do anything to get on Digg’s front-page or to get their name viral. While a lot of these campaigns actually go viral like the Old Spice social media campaign which gathered over 6 million video impressions, some of these campaigns are plain stupid. Billy officially and legally changing his name to […]

Android Market License Verification has been Cracked

Android Police has just reported moments ago that Google’s Android Market License Verification can be easily cracked. According to them, most apps can be easily patched of license protection, hence making them available off android market shelf and easy target of piracy. This can help let sites, dedicated to pirate apps, continue to do so […]

Install Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 (Froyo) Without Rooting

You could always install flash on your Android phones, that’s one of those things which make android stand out when compared to the iOS. But to install the latest version of Flash you used to have to root the phone. These files here would let you install the latest version of Flash without rooting the […]

Gmail and Google Calendar Push Notifications Come to iPhone

I’m pretty sure you have missed an appointment or an important email because you were away from desk or something, I have. Guess what? You wouldn’t have to miss that anymore with Google Mobile app for iPhone that now supports push notifications. An icon badge shows you’ve got new mail in Gmail, and Google Calendar […]

How to Install Animated Wallpapers on iPhone

While iPhone is capable of doing a lot more stuff than it already does, Apple for some reason has decided to keep it limited from doing all of that. Flash on iPhone for example, it wouldn’t have had been a problem for Apple to add that to the iPhone. Animated wallpapers is just another functionality […]

On Facebook, You can Block Anyone but Zuckerberg

Even if he annoys the crap out of you, you can’t block Zuckerberg from Facebook, beacuse he’s the CEO bitch! Yeah, if you try to block Zuckerberg on Facebook it will give you an error “General Block failed error: Block failed.” This is what I got when I tried to do it This could be […]