We are certain you are aware of that extremely frustrating moment when you have to do a bit of conversion from one unit to another. There are a million of units that are used all around the world to represent some sort of a quantity and a normal human brain cannot handle all those little numbers to multiply and divide in order to give us the answer we are looking for and for that purpose, we need a calculator; something that is fast quick and has pretty much everything you might ever need. This is where Pocket Converter comes in handy.

Pocket Converter

You can obviously use Google in order to quickly convert something from one unit to another but what if you do not have Internet available and you desperately need a measurement or temperature reading in a scale that you understand better? This particular application is amazingly simple, accurate and fast and it was developed by a member of XDA. If you are an android user, there is no way you are not familiar with XDA. This application includes all your day-to-day units that you might need converted including the following (as per the developer):

  • Length (Meters to Feet)
  • Mass (Gram to Pound)
  • Pressure (Newton/Sq-Meter to Pascal)
  • Speed (Km/hr to Miles/hr)
  • Power (Watt to Calories/hr)
  • Energy (Kilo-joule to Kilo-calorie)
  • Torque (Newton Meter to Dyne Meter)
  • Angle (Degrees to Radians)
  • Data Storage (Bits to Megabits)
  • Time (Second to Decade)
  • Fuel Consumption (Meter/Liter to Miles/Gallon)
  • Electric Current (Ampere to Biot)
  • Area (Square Kilometer to Square Mile)
  • Volume (Liter to Gallon)
  • Temperature (Celcius to Fahrenheit)
  • Base (Decimal to Binary)

All you need to do is install the application, select a unit of conversion, input a value and you are good to go. The answer will be at your fingertips within seconds. The best part about the application is that it will merely take up around 232 kilobytes on your memory and it is extremely fast and easy to use.

There is a possibility that you might not ever use half of the conversion included in the application but it is always useful to have bucket loads of options available just in case you have to use the or one of your more brilliant friend needs them. This application is perfectly compatible with any android device running Android 2.1 or higher. This application is absolutely free for download from the Google Play Store. Now, most of you might not be interested in having this application, but believe you me, you might need conversions done at a time when you least expect it and that’s when this application will do you good.

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