Video Capture Your Screen with Camtasia

A couple of days ago, I had to create a video tutorial for a friend to help him out with a problem. He couldn’t really understand the text instructions I gave to him through IM. At that, I looked around for a software to record and video capture the screen to make a video tutorial. After spending considerable time in reading reviews and trying many softwares out, Camtasia was where I stopped looking around.

While video capturing your screen, Camtasia is the best choice because you can edit the recorded videos along with the audio using the same software and can save it in formats like MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 which are supported by every media player. You can also save videos in Camtasia’s own format which is useful for creating very small sized files but will require Camtasia to be installed to play the file. Camtasia also allows you to record presentations and create images of slides.

Camtasia provides you free tutorials to use the software in a better way. The software is free to try but costs around 299$ (which we never have to care about at Pakistan) for the complete version. The great thing about Camtasia free trial is that it comes with full features and only limits you to use software for 30 days. I recommend you to look around for a free torrents at Google, if you can’t afford to use it. If you can afford, please buy the software and support TechSmith.

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