Microsoft Office 15 Build 15.0.2703.1000 Leak Available

After recent leak of Windows 8, a leak of Microsoft’s upcoming office suite Microsoft Office 15 Build 15.0.2703.1000 has been leaked to internet after circling the private groups. Leak became available after @hb860 sent the file to @AngelWZR who has posted the same on his russian language website Microsoft Office is the best selling […]

Windows 8 in the Pipeline with the Latest M3 Leak

Windows 8 seems to be in the pipeline and now even 2012 release doesn’t seem to be a distant reality. Windows 8 Build 6.2.7959.0 Milestone 3 (M3) is third of its kind leak available through different file sharing networks and off course on popular torrent trackers. Past month we saw two leaks i.e., Build 6.2.7955.0 […]

Track Any Phone With a Phone Number by This iPhone App

I know this app is as cool as things can get but at the same time it’s pretty dangerous. I wouldn’t like being spied at but yeah, I’d love spying at others. And all of that just with a phone number! Phone Tracker Spy Gadget let’s you track your friends down by using satellite via […]

StumbleUpon Rolls Official Apps for iPhone and Android

Stumblers have been demanding this for long and finally the engineers at StumbleUpon have delivered it. You can now stumble through your phone using official iPhone and Android apps. The Android app will require you to have either Eclair [2.1] or Froyo [2.2] All you have to do is download the free app, login with […]

Adobe Releases Free Photoshop App for iPad

There already has been a photoshop app for your iPhone but adobe has just released a full fledged free iPad version of it called Photoshop express. It’s the same app that was available for your iPhones but it has been tuned to suit all iOS devices and hence can be run on iPhones, iPads and […]

Increase / Change MySQL Import Size in PHPMyAdmin

By default the size limit for importing MySQL database is 2 MB. To increase this limit you will have to change the php.ini file which can be located in C:\WAMP\BIN\Apache\php.ini if you are using WAMP. Search upload_max_filesize upload_max_filesize represents the size of one file which you can import. Change  it’s value to the desired size, […]

Convert Photoshop Document (PSD) to WordPress Theme

Recently I shared with you an easy tool called Artisteer which lets you create wordpress themes in designer mode. All you have to do is make choices about colors, columns, menus & widgets etc. Today I will be introducing you to another software called Divine which lets you convert your PSD (Photoshop Document) files in […]

Write Mathematical Equations in Microsoft Word & Powerpoint

MathType is a must-use software and  really handy for engineering students mostly. A lot of times we have to write mathematical equations with lots of fractions, super and sub-scripts & mathematical symbols. This is where MathType is really useful. What makes it even better is it’s power of working with MS Word, Powerpoint and many […]

MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM Messenger for Ubuntu

Pidgin is one of the most powerful universal chat clients which supports over 15 chat networks including MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk & AIM. One of the reasons why I think its extremely powerful is because of it’s support for Windows, Linux/UNIX, Ubuntu & Mac OS X. Another cool feature that Pidgin provides is that it lets […]

Windows 8 Transformation Pack

It’s too early to create transformations pack for Windows 8 as no details about its GUI have been leaked yet but a Microsoft fan boy at deviant-art has already created it using his fantasy and imagination. There are few traces of Windows 8 as Microsoft has spoken about  it at several places. The transformation pack […]