Unblock & Access Facebook & Youtube in China

Facebook once again has been blocked in China due to Urumqi clashes. The government is keeping checks on all the traffic that comes in and goes out of the country and that travels inside the country. AllFacebook has more to say about the service getting blocked in China. There are lots of proxy sites which you still might use to gain access but China’s government is really strict about it and keeps all the checks and these sites ultimately gets blocked. The best solution here is to use JonDonym Jap. This is one of the best tools that I have ever used to go anonymous.

The JonDonym/AN.ON technology is based on the principle of multiple (layered) encryption, distribution and processing. This procedure does not only protect your internet activities from being observed by third parties (against your access provider, WLAN hackers, advertising services and websites), but also against observation by the individual JonDonym providers themselves (against JonDonym service operators and their billing providers).

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  1. I hope the Facebook staff will do something about this. I have been a loyal user of FB ever since its early beginnings. I use the site everyday not just for communicating with friends but also for my personal business. I have invested thousands of dollars for my ads to run and I profited as well.

    But now that FB is not accessible to China, how can I continue with my business? Some people thinks that it’s just a virtual world and an addiction, but for me, I use FB as a source of income to give a better future to my kids. I own a business in China, and now we are simply shutting down thanks to their governments policies.

    Coming to China is the worst investment I made.

    1. That is really sad man. I have been using the fb for the same. I totally agree its not only those stupid quizes. The Jap is going to solve your prbs man. Its simple to use. Just provide the IP “” to your browser’s proxy and follow the Jap’s tutorial. I hope something works out for you. Really sad about your concern.

  2. Technically speaking Facebook is not blocked. Which is to say, there it nothing stopping traffic flow between your China PC and Facebook. What happens is that China sends a message to the Facebook server as well as your PC to stop the connection.

    If both sides would simply ignore that message.. but good luck convincing Facebook to do their part.

    There’s a number of commercial services out there that will get you back online though. I pay $2.95 for 12vpn.com myself.

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